Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Bowerbird Pictures is a small business owned and operated by George J. Hanna. This small photography and videography business was opened in 2008 in a rural property near Darwin, in the Northern Territory of Australia.

George Hanna has been taking Photos since the mid 1980's and is one of a very few Aboriginal Photographers around these days, in a very competitive market. George also does small video's for businesses/corporations and puts them onto YouTube for the client.

Three (3) of George's videos where he has narrated and edited are featured down to the left of this Page; By hitting the Picture, you will be directed straight to the link where you can watch them.

If you are interested in Bowerbird Pictures and would like a video made up for your business, then you can contact George here;


PHOTO:  Church at Darwin's Greek Club, Northern Territory, Australia.

Below are some Photos from George's Portfolio;